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If you want to see the moon, you have to face the darkness

This picture was taken during the summer in Tokyo. The beauty of that moon almost made me forget how darn hot it was. I love the moon. Wherever I go in the world, it is always my link to my father. When I went to college, my father knew how much I hated being away from home. So he didn’t count days, he counted moons. It seemed so much faster that way. And before I knew it, I was home.

Even though I’m an adult, my father is still that beacon of light for me. He may be a quiet man but sometimes he sure has some neat ideas on life. I was doing this exercise where you have to list what you’re grateful for in terms of yourself. I wrote down that I’m grateful to be a writer and a dreamer. I love how creative and funny I am. I love my smile and my laugh. As I was writing my list, I noticed that I only wrote about the pretty, shiny stuff. But what about the not so stellar stuff? You know, when you get mad because people don’t get their work done or you get scared of change or you procrastinate when you really should be doing your revision.

I asked my father about it. And he said, “If you want self-esteem then by all means, keep writing what you like about yourself. But if you’re looking for true self love, you gotta love it all, even the darkness.” I couldn’t have said it better.

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