About Momochan


This is me at age four, dressed in my own Wonder Woman costume. Look at the red flannel bathrobe that I’ve chosen for my cape, the plastic clip-on earrings resembling pearls, and the exquisite detail on the handmade paper crown and power bracelets. The sad part was it wasn’t even Halloween. I had a very active imagination back then to say the least. But even though many years have passed, I’ve never let go of my inner child. Her name is Momochan and she’s a dreamer, playful and fun.

As creative as I was back then, I didn’t know that I was destined to do something with food. It’s so obvious now. More than half of my baby pictures are of me eating. And when my parents took me to Japan as a young girl, I didn’t chronicle where we went or what we did. No, I wrote about what we ate:  Scallops Meuniere at Narita Airport, Clam Miso Soup in Hiroshima, McDonalds Happy Meals in Tokyo and full-on Kaiseki at a Noboribetsu hotel in Hokkaido. My food journey began a long time ago without me even knowing it.

In addition to my love for food, I’m a writer. I’ve self-published a collection of short stories and a travel narrative. But now, I have my novel manuscript called The Weeping Field. It’s a story about a pregnant fifteen-year-old girl in Japan searching for her mother. It’s taken a good three years to get the story to the stage it’s at now, but I’m very proud of it and truly grateful for the journey. I’m hoping to find an agent who believes in my voice. I’d like to think that it’s only a matter of time.

I’d love to hear from you.

Drop me a line at momochanconquerstheworld@gmail.com.


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